written goals…fact and fiction

For years, motivational speakers from Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar touted that writing down your goals is the key to massive success in work and life.   Yet, the studies that started the whole buzz turned out to be completely fictitious. So does it work or not? (more…)

the first step to your change initiative

Have you found that your resolutions and efforts to improve keep fizzling out?  It could be because you didn’t do this one thing first. (more…)

the story of irunurun and 4 key lessons

Where did irunurun come from?  And, what have we learned since sharing it with the world?  Well, here’s the full story…along with 4 lessons in sustainable high performance.

1. Actions speak louder than goals.
2. We are what we repeatedly do.
3. People don’t know what to repeatedly do.
4. People are terrible at doing things repeatedly.

5 Factors.
1. Clarity
2. Rhythm
3. Accountability
4. Reinforcement
5. Leadership

Need help getting started with irunurun, check out this list of sample actions. Want to see how your team measures up in each of the 5 Factors?  Ask us about our new team performance assessment, called Performance 5.  Email us at

sample capacity and production actions

Ready to get out of the starting gate with IRUNURUN and need a little assistance with selecting your actions?  Consider the sample actions below.  These have been organized by type, using our CPR methodology.  Feel free to personalize to your specific role and responsibilities. (more…)

The Performance Habits

What could you do today that would deliver extraordinary results in your work?  The answer: Nothing.  Extraordinary results come from what you repeatedly do. (more…)

peak performance? beware.

Gymast grimaces during peak performance

Are you in pursuit of peak performance?  If so, we offer a word of caution.  Unless you’re a gymnast preparing for international competition or a golfer preparing for a major tournament, you may be on an unsustainable path to destruction.  Here’s why. (more…)

automaticity: the x-factor in habit formation

Have you heard it takes 21 days for form a habit? Perhaps you’re the wiser, having read the details of psychologist Pippa Lally’s research at the University College of London that suggests habits take much longer, up to 254 days, or about 66 days on average. That’s as far as most people get. But to really understand habits, especially why some are so elusive, you must understand the x-factor…automaticity. (more…)

HBR: work vs. life

Harvard Business Review released findings from a five year study by HBS students of almost 4000 executives regarding work / life balance. The keys to success? Make choices intentionally in 5 areas if you want to have a chance at work / life balance. (more…)

what if you worked here?

What would change if you worked here? A stadium.

Shed the typical world of work for a moment and re-imagining your job as play, professional play that requires a stadium. Highly inspired, infinitely more accountable. Here are a few reasons you should play in a stadium and five essential elements needed to make it happen. (more…)

the awesome mid-week performance huddle

Like it or not, all acts of man go astray with time. We can be fired up and focused on Monday, lost in the weeds by Wednesday. If our mission matters, we simply can’’t rely on a Monday staff meeting to carry us through the week. (more…)

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