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irunurun is the world’s simplest, most powerful performance and accountability platform. We focus on recurring behavior. Specifically, high performance recurring behavior. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.”

Focus, Consistency, Accountability

Actions Dashboard

Actions Dashboard

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

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In the film industry, people spend a lot of time talking about art and craft. But without measurable action and consistency, it’s all creativity in a black-hole. To be candid, I hope my competition doesn’t ever learn about irunurun. It’s been my missing link.

Michael Lines

Director, Abiyoyo Films

Excelling in my field as an executive, growing myself personally and spiritually, and being the best dad and husband I can be are more than “To Do’s” on my calendar. I have been part of leading innovations in telecom and media for more than a decade (Microsoft and now PacketVideo), and I have seen how a person can get lost in the minutia at multiple points in their career.

Making an impact requires consistent commitment and reminders of the underlying elements most important in life. I have embraced irunurun as part of my routine to stay even more committed to my goals, and I have experienced a difference within the first 3 weeks. My family notices my greater focus, and they have become part of my team in irunurun.

neil sharma headshot

Neil Sharma

Parent, husband, technology executive

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