10min Fitness: It’s All About Time

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” -Douglas Adams

In virtually all surveys conducted asking people why they do not exercise as often as they should, the number one reason given is, time. In most cases it is really an issue of priority. Americans have proven they will spend more time and more money on a good maintenance program for their automobiles and their pets than they will for their most valuable asset − their body.

It is my contention that more people would be far more successful at reaching their fitness goals if they did a brief (in my case 10 minutes) but intense workout every day!

This brief but intense workout approach works better because it allows one to get-it-done before all of the other things get the best of their time. If I’ve learned anything as I’ve gotten older, it is that time is a very precious commodity.

I want to use as little time as possible doing the things that I either don’t enjoy doing or don’t want to do, in order to have more time for the things I really enjoy. An effective workout is not supposed to be fun. Just get down to business… get in, get out, and get it over with!

Another amazing thing to consider about the daily workout completed in 10-15 minutes, is how much time you will save over your lifetime, verses the traditional approach. Let’s examine just a 7 year period. Let’s say that for 7 years you spend ten minutes a day working out. You averaged six days a week, and seldom missed two days in a row. In calculating that out, that means in seven years you spent 21,840 minutes or 364 hours or slightly over 15 days working out.

Now let’s compare that to the traditional approach of working out 60 minutes 3 times a week. Over the same seven year period you would have spent 65,520 minutes or 1,092 hours or 45.5 days working out.

That’s a difference of 30.5 days!

Assuming both methods got you in great physical condition as a result of your workouts, clearly the ten minute a day plan saved you a ton of time. Now imagine all the enjoyable things one can do with 30 plus extra days.

I can imagine it, because I’m doing it!

More time to spend with your children or grandchildren. More time to read or explore. More time to start another business. More time for hobbies or to plant a garden. More time to play tennis, golf, go to a sporting event. More time to use your gifts and abilities to help someone less fortunate. SIMPLY MORE TIME!

Guest post by: Dave Hubbard, America’s Fitness Coach