Frequently Asked Questions

What is irunurun?

IRUNURUN is the world’s first greatness app. We’re here to help you be awesome…at anything. Think performance and accountability. Think cutting through the clutter in your life. Think being highly effective…as you.

If you are asking on behalf of your company, then we’ll give you a little more buttoned-up answer. IRUNURUN is a performance and accountability app designed to help people and organizations achieve greater results in their work and lives and ultimately realize more of their potential through focus, consistency, and accountability.

Where can I get help?

You’re here! This FAQ answers just about every question we’ve been asked this year.  You can also reference our Setup Guide. It contains everything you need to know to get started.

How does it work?

People generally don’t accomplish much by dreaming alone. Leaders don’t build amazing companies by simply wanting their companies to be amazing. Spouses don’t build great marriages by longing for great marriages. Couch potatoes don’t get into amazing shape by obsessing over fitness magazines.

Instead, people achieve their potential by aligning their actions with their purpose. They get focused. They track their progress. They NEVER give up. It’s what they DO that matters. That’s why we say “Actions speak louder than goals”. That’s what IRUNURUN does.

Ok, enough theory. How does it actually work?

Without jeopardizing our patent applications, we can give you a few hints…or you can click Get Started on our home page to see for yourself. We’ve already said that actions speak louder than goals…so you know IRUNURUN is about action. But let’s be clear about one thing: this is NOT a to-do list. Think of IRUNURUN as a should-do list.

Enter a few actions that, done consistently every week, would put you on track toward achieving your potential.  Rather than wishing you could be a better leader, set little bite-sized objectives for how you show up in the lives of your team each week…how do you start your day, how do you prepare for your meetings, how do you respond to concerns or complaints, how do you coach and encourage others…and use IRUNURUN to keep track of how consistently you do those key things. Voila! After about six months, you will find yourself impacting the culture of your team.  Team members will begin to comment on how much you care. Magic? Not really, but it is patent-pending.

Oh, and this also works for sales, service, production, fitness, relationships, faith, golf, and algebra…pretty much anything that requires you to work at it.

Why do you hate goals so much?

Yikes. We didn’t say we hate goals. We are lovers, not haters. Goals can be inspiring. Goals free the mind and spirit. Goals can be great!  Our point is that goals aren’t enough. You need action. Want to accomplish something?  Do something.  Want to master something?  Then do it, and do it, and do it.

What is the Weekly Score?

Users weight their actions out of 100 total points. This way, as each action is completed, the user earns the points assigned to that action. Each week, their weekly score starts at 0 and moves toward 100 as all of the weekly actions are completed. Consistently score over 90 and you are probably becoming awesome.

Example. Let’s say one of your goals is to boost revenue by 15%. Great. Say it 1000 times. Write it on your mirror. Make up a rap about it. Now, how are sales? About where they were.

Instead, get to work on the actions that lead to new sales. Rather than waiting for things to get slow before calling new prospects, try making it a weekly habit all year long. Your bite-sized target for this action could be to call 10 new leads each week. Say you weight this action 20 points out of 100 (you assign the other 80 points to your other actions). Then each time you make a call, you earn 2 points.

Can I make money for scoring a lot of points?

Yes and no. We are giving you a free app and trying to improve your life, so let’s be realistic. That said, if one of your goals is to make more money, start by becoming great at your job. After a while, you are probably going to earn a raise or bonus!

Can I score more than 100 points each week?

Think of your score as your percent complete. More than 100% complete doesn’t really make sense. That’s like the joker who sucks up to his boss by telling her he’s giving 110%.

How much does irunurun cost?

Two options: Free and Whatever You Think It’s Worth.

Free. If you know what you need to do to achieve your potential, then please consider IRUNURUN our gift to you. It’s free. And, we’d love nothing more than for you to become great and share your story with us. Click Get Started from our home page and start a free Personal account. Create your own actions, invite your own accountability partners to your team, and get busy.

If you think that paying for the app will compel you to use it more, send us a check for what you think your IRUNURUN experience is worth.  (Legal disclaimer: You can also send the check to our IP lawyers. We’re still working off those patent applications.)

Do you have a mobile app for iphone or android?

Yes!  IRUNURUN for iPhone is available in iTunes (in the productivity category here) or by simply searching “irunurun” from the App Store on your device.  Please do us a favor…leave a review!

What about Android? We don’t yet have a native Android app, but you can still update your dashboard using your mobile Android phone or tablet.  Just sign up for an account from your computer. Once you have your actions and settings the way you want them, you can use your mobile device to update your progress.  Just open your mobile browser and log in at  You can also save this page to your home screen, so you can get into the app with just the touch of a button.  Just keep in mind that action changes, settings changes, adding/removing team members, and sending messages must be done from your computer.

To save irunurun to your home screen, open  Then go to your browser settings and tap “Add to home screen”.

What about Windows or Blackberry? We aren’t planning to develop native apps for Windows, but you can use your mobile browser to update your progress while you are on the go. Just sign up for an account from your computer.  Once you have it set up and your actions entered, you can use your mobile device to update your progress by going to in your mobile browser. (And, what is a Blackberry? J/K No version planned, but if they start making a comeback we’ll reconsider.)

How do I sign up?

For a free Personal account, click the Get Started button on our home page. Then fill out the super quick and easy sign up form (just name and email address). Notice the fine print, if you are a minor under 13, you must contact us to prove parental consent.

What if I forgot my password?

It’s probably the same password you use for everything else. Try that first. If that doesn’t work, try “abc123” or “password” …okay, just kidding.

Go to and click “Forgot?” on the sign-in page.

How do I set my time zone?

Go to the Settings page and select the proper time zone from the list. If you are unsure, go to Google and search “What time zone am I in?”

How do I change my password?

You can change your password on the Settings page.

Go to the settings page, enter a new password and then confirm this password. Hit Save. The next time your login, your new password will be in effect.

How do change the email account associated with my irunurun account?

Go to the Settings page. Enter a new email address. Click Save.

What if I don’t receive my confirmation email?

Registration confirmation emails are sent automatically by the system the moment your new account is created.  If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, there are two common issues.

Spam / Bulk / Junk. The most common issue is that your confirmation email got filtered by your corporate email filter your local email client.  First, check your spam, bulk, or junk folder for an email from  If it is there, mark it as ‘not spam’ or as a ‘safe sender’.  This will move it to your inbox and allow future system emails to flow to you.

If you don’t see your Spam / Bulk / Junk folder, ask someone who uses the same email system to assist you or query Google for assistance.  In Gmail, for example, the Spam folder is not shown on the main screen, but rather it is hidden under “More” at the bottom of your list of mail folders.

Typo. The second common reason for confirmation email not getting through is the good old fashioned spelling error.  Free users can try to create another account using the same email address.  If the system recognizes your email address, it will tell you that you can’t use the same email address (suggesting the confirmation email got filtered as spam).  If it let’s you create a new account, you may have had a typo on the first try.

What if I am not receiving the email reminders?

The system can send you an email reminder each day at 5pm your local time, a mid-week progress email on Wednesdays at 2pm, and an end-of-week email at midnight on Sunday.

If you are NOT receiving these emails, first make sure they are turned on under SETTINGS.  If they are turned on, the most common issue is that the emails are getting filtered by a spam filter.  First, check spam, bulk, or junk to see if you have any emails from  If you find them there, mark one of them as ‘safe’ or ‘not spam’.

If you do NOT see the emails in your spam or junk folder, contact your IT support person to find out if they are getting filtered by your mail server or firewall.  Tell your support team that you would like to receive emails from @ and

How do I upload a photo?

Go to the Settings page. Under the section called “image”, click Choose file. Browse for the photo you want to use to represent you on the site. Once you have selected it, click Save.

How do I set up new actions or change my existing actions?

Refer to the Setup Guide at the beginning of this FAQ for step-by-step instructions. The short answer for Personal users is to log into your account from your computer, then “Click the pencil at the top center of your dashboard”.

Note: You can’t edit your actions or settings from the mobile web version.  You must do it from your computer.

I changed my actions, why doesn’t the dashboard reflect the changes?

You may change your actions and weightings anytime during the week. However, the changes won’t go into effect until the new week starts. This is meant to encourage you to plan ahead and to prevent cheaters from lowering their goals midweek because they spent too much time on Monday and Tuesday day dreaming. (Note to cheaters: You’re only cheating yourselves.)

How do I invite other team members?

Personal users may invite colleagues, friends, or family to join their team as accountability partners by clicking the +User icon in the Team area of their dashboard. Fill out the invite and send it. Don’t worry, your new team member can’t see the other team members on your dashboard, so you don’t have to be embarrassed if you have your mom on your dashboard and she’s beating the pants off you week after week.

Why am I limited to 7 actions?

We wouldn’t be helping people with “focus” if they could have 50 actions. Seven seemed like a good number, and science has confirmed that our brains are only able to differentiate among 7 distinct things.  Try putting 8 bullet points on a PowerPoint slide…feeling a little nauseous?

But what if I still want more than 7 actions?

Ok, first let’s discuss a few alternatives.  Personally, I have experimented with tracking as few as 5 actions and as many as 30.  Today, I track about 25…but I do it with the same 7 action dashboard available to you.  Here’s how…

1. Group actions together.

Every morning I do a collection of habits to start my day.  I used to track Reading the Bible, Praying, doing Quiet time, and developing my top 5 to-do’s for the day separately.  Now I just have one action, called RPQ5…and I try to do it before 8:30am so I’ve updated to RPQ5 by 8:30.  I could also simply call this my “Morning routine”.

2. Track similar items on one line.

Even if you have separate actions, if they are tracked using a common unit of measure, you could track them together, such as Key Customer Calls and Key Partner Calls…just combine them into Key Calls.  Note – the only downside is that you will lose some granularity. If you start falling behind, you won’t be able to tell which action is getting done and which is not.

3. Create a category and track points.

Rather than tracking Push-ups, Planks, and Weight-lifting separately, I combined them into a single category called, Strength.  Instead of tracking how many times I do each activity, I gave each activity a point value and began tracking points.  Push-ups = 1pt, Planks = 2pts, Weights = 4pts.  Goal, score 29 Strength points / week.

4. Track two dashboards.

This may be overkill, but last year I began tracking two distinct dashboards. One is only for work…actions that explicitly drive business results…what I call “Production actions”. Then on a separate account, using a separate email address, I track only personal actions that drive faith, family, fitness, fun, and learning…all aspects of health and potential…what I call “Capacity actions”. I use my computer to update my production dashboard. I use the iPhone app to update my personal dashboard…to avoid a lot of logging in/out.  This has provided some valuable insight.  Just be warned…it’s not for the beginner or faint of heart!

If you truly need more actions, we welcome you to upgrade to the Team version in which you can increase the action limit.  If you are using the app solo, we can even work out a pricing option that will work for you, without you having to pay for a whole team.  To do this, contact us at info@

Whatever you choose, run hard!

Why can’t I edit last week’s actions?

We’re just mean like that. Well, actually we’re pleasant enough, but we found through years of use that you are more likely to keep up with something if you HAVE to keep up with it. Allowing you to edit previous weeks is like changing the past, which is impossible, if not completely irresponsible. So, keep up with your progress. Keep an eye out for your daily reminders. Plan ahead. Once the end of the week rolls around, the previous week is gone…as in life.

The app didn’t refresh. It still shows last week’s activity. Why?

Sorry about that!  This can happen when the app fails to complete the sync routine before midnight on Sunday.  The main culprit: weak cell signal.

If this happens, the app holds onto the updates and will try again the next time you open it.  That’s all fine and well during the week, but if it happens on Sunday, then your week doesn’t get closed out properly. The first time you successfully sync during the new week, all of your progress from the previous week gets logged to the previous week AND THE NEW WEEK!  How embarrassing.

The fix?  Just manually uncheck all of the progress on your dashboard to reset your score to 0 for the new week (either via the web or on your phone). Sync successfully and you’re good to go. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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