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Generation Re (Reactive)

Mark's Grandfather and Father

We are becoming busy in a new and dangerous way. We are so connected and accessible that we have become reactive and not proactive. We’re refessionals not professionals. This was not the case with our fathers and grandfathers. How did we get this way? What are we going to do about it? (more…)

Welcome to IRUNURUN.

We’re pretty excited around here. The makings of this app have been a long time coming. The journey’s been fun, difficult at times but always with a strong sense of purpose – to pass along to others a tool we’ve found to be extremely helpful. The initial concept was born as an answer to a desperate prayer for direction in business (hear the story at Through our private Alpha test, we’ve seen several hundred users transform their views of their business and personal lives.

Each user is different in the actions they track. However, the theme is the same: define those things that matter most, measure your progress and be accountable to those you trust.

Our sincere hope is that you will give IRUNURUN a try and find it to be as helpful as we have. And remember, Actions Speak Louder than Goals.

Run hard.