Tackling 1 of the 4 F’s: Fun

If you have the other F’s covered (family, faith, and fitness), your priorities are clearly in order.  Consider these reasons and suggestions for making a habit of doing something fun!

With little time to spare each week, recovering from the stress of work and other life demands can be extremely challenging.  For these reasons, we suggest starting with a foundation of essential personal habits like sleep, exercise, nutrition, quality time with family, and a healthy dose of prayer.

If you have those bases covered, consider adding a lighter side to life…fun!  By fun, we mean making a habit of routinely doing something you love, something that causes you to lose track of time, something that makes you smile.

Consider these 3 reasons for mixing fun into your routine.

1. Release.  Fun activities can take your mind off work.  This can clear roadblocks in your mind, allowing for breakthroughs.

2. Recharge.  Fun activities can help you re-energize, whether your fun is at the end of the day or week, or you integrate a little fun right into the daily grind.

3. Reconnect.  Sharing fun activities with other people can rekindle old friendships or spark new ones, which might otherwise be limited by work and social structures. (Want to bond with your team or superiors, have fun with them!)

As for what to do for fun, here are a few suggestions…

1. Sports.  Is there a sport you love to play or watch?  Check your local YMCA, community recreation center, or fitness club to see if there is a league you could join.  Break from routine and attend a professional sports event.  Or, just take time-out to watch a game on TV or rent a movie on the topic of your favorite sport.

2. Games.  When was the last time you played a board game or card game?  The same is probably true for your colleagues.  Consider a weekly card game at lunch, or check out a tad early once in a while for a game after work.  If cards and boardgames aren’t your thing, try something a tad more challenging like ping pong, a video arcade, or bocce ball.  Whichever you choose, games can help you release, recharge, and reconnect.

3. Laughs.  Can’t remember the last time you laughed until it hurt?  Why not?!  With the internet, satellite radio, and hundreds of stations on tv, laughter is closer than you think.  Try dialing up some humor on the web like a daily joke site, a comedy favorite on YouTube, or an entertaining podcast.  Have a DVR?  Consider just recording anything with Jerry Seinfeld or your other favorite funny people.  You don’t have to be funny to enjoy some laughs, and you might tap into content that makes the difference in a future client presentation.

4. Hobbies.  Fun can be about more than laughs.  Hobbies as diverse as needlework, painting, and gardening can fire up the reward center of your brain as register as bona fide fun.

5. Friends.  Sometimes less is more.  Rather than getting busy with a softball team or new projects, consider just scheduling a periodic lunch or happy hour with friends.  Involve a friend in helping you solve a problem at work, and you might just have more fun with it.  The great thing about friends is that you are free to be yourself…which in and of itself can be fun.

Whatever your motivation and method, adding a routine of your own brand of fun delivers benefits to both your work and your life.  Such high value activities will not only help you proceed down the path to your greatness, they make the journey all that much more enjoyable!

What do you routinely do for fun?