the greatness method

When it comes to personal growth, no game plan is complete without a hearty dose of goal-setting, right?  Or is there a better way to achieve your potential in work and life?  Welcome to the path less traveled.

Recently, we shared some caveats to goal-setting.  Namely that goals can be arbitrary, establish a false sense of destination, tempt you to believe that the means justify the end, and overpower creativity and innovation.

It turns out that there really is an alternative to traditional goal-setting.  An approach to achieving your potential in work and life that doesn’t involve a single goal.  We call it the “GREATNESS method”, and it starts with purpose.

Start with purpose.

No matter what you do or how much you accomplish, we believe your pursuits should align with the answers to two simple and powerful questions.  “Who are you?” and “Who are you meant to be?”

If what you are doing is acting in a way that is consistent with how you are wired, what you do best, what you most enjoy, and what you believe most strongly, we think you are more likely to stay on track. And, staying on track with powerful, recurring behaviors is the ticket to greatness.

Establish a vision.

Greater than a goal, we believe you must tap your purpose to help solidify direction toward a future state in which your potential is realized.  Separate from anyone else alive, your vision should reflect your gifts, talents, and dreams.  Greater than a BHAG, unbound by the calendar, your vision is a long-term picture of where you are headed.

We like to think of it as “going pro”…as you.  Imagine years into the future.  What does your life look like if you are operating at your full potential in the marketplace, in your job, with your health, with your relationships, in your faith or spirituality?  This is your vision.

Key actions.

To systematically gain ground on your vision, your methods matter.  The fundamentals to progress that must be repeatedly, consistently, relentlessly mastered are your key actions.  These are the daily and weekly recurring behaviors necessary to move forward in a predictable fashion.  No haphazard fits and starts.  Work.  Progress.  Discipline.  Practice.

Think of them as your success habits.  Your sales calls, your referrals, your reading, your quiet time, your rigorous exercise, your investing in others, your thank you notes, your words of affirmation, your building blocks.

This is probably where you need focus, consistency, and accountability.  This is the easy part, and the hard part wrapped into one.  This is why we created IRUNURUN.

If you’ve ever desired to grow and achieve more in your life.  We won’t be surprised if you set some goals, but just for fun, we welcome you to take a different approach.

Whatever you do, run hard.