What is your Power Routine?

Meaningful change doesn’t just happen.  It requires focus, intention, and a commitment to daily investment of time and effort that move us closer to our desired state of being.  Whether you’re an athlete, musician, or professional, developing your Power Routine can put you on the path to success.

I give you two words to reflect upon. The first word, “stabilty”… the second word, “uncertainty” – now think of how each of these words apply to your life today.  What is the stable part of your life? Do you wish in some ways you had more stability? How? Or, is your stability so stable that you feel you could drift to sleep with the humdrum of doing the same thing different day?

What about uncertainty? What part of your life would you lay the uncertainty card face upward … you look at this part of your life and wonder –how long will this last? How will it turn out? What would I do if I didn’t have this – job, relationship, situation – whatever the uncertainty card reads.

Through seasons of life we feel different levels of presence between “uncertainty” and “stability” and either good or bad, our high hopes for stability and worries of uncertainty often never fully materialize to the picture we paint in our heads.

A deep truth stitched into the lining of our lives is this – we become what we focus on.

The Challenge with Focus

Usually some current uncertainty drives us to want something new; we want out of an uncertain state and desire fruitful stability. The challenge becomes how we focus ourselves to navigate a season of uncertainty. If the focus is on the end point alone and not the steps in between we might become dreamers, worriers, aspiring hopefuls, or worst case of all, frustrated doubters that the destination to a better season will always elude us.

The Power Routine

Daniel Coyle, bestselling author of the Talent Code, http://tinyurl.com/3oathm8 outlines his research on hotbeds of talent – how some places create enormous talent in music, athletics, and academics. The author discovers that talent is grown, not just part of the person’s DNA, and the common thread of extraordinary talent is something he talks about in detail in his book – deep practice.

Among other things, deep practice is repeated and slow learning. Tying this back to our journey from uncertainty to stability we must practice every day our steps that move us toward a new point. These steps often feel small and insignificant in themselves but collectively over time the small steps become our power routine because these very steps make us who we are – it is our focus.

Preserve and Publish your Power Routine

In my leadership practice I encourage clients to protect those things in their lives that feed them positive and healthy energy. Those things we do that feed us positive energy are often the very same small steps that become our power routine and the path toward fruitful stability.

The gift of irunurun.com is its ability to help you easily preserve and publish your power routine. Take advantage of this and honor your stitching through the small repeated steps that take you further from a season of uncertainty to fruitful stability…

Amy Balog is an author, speaker, and founder of ConnextionPoint Services LLC a leadership company dedicated to the task of helping business leaders and organizations harness the emotional economy that drives results through robust leadership and employee engagement. Prior to launching ConnextionPoint, Amy spent seventeen years working in the IT and management consulting industry managing and selling complex project services.

Working with Fortune 500 global service companies and for industry leading consulting practices, Amy worked with CEOs to front line managers. From this work, Amy captured the real life lessons in case studies on specific leadership and organizational issues about what Amy call’s “soft issues attached to hard consequences. To learn more about ConnextionPoint see www.connextionpoint.com.