Productive Vacations

One of the questions we have been asked numerous times… “Is there a vacation mode for IRUNURUN?”  The simple answer is “no”, but the motivation for this decision goes beyond keeping the app simple.  It gets at the heart of living life with intentionality.

When you go on vacation, does your work benefit from the time away?  For example, if you are leader, coach, or salesperson, do your employees, clients, or customers benefit?  Probably not directly.

If you vacation intentionally, then hopefully you are not glued to your phone or computer the entire time.  You are recharging your batteries, enjoying some quality time with friends or family, and perhaps catching up on sleep.

That being said, you probably aren’t doing business development, market research, or skill development.  If those are key performance drivers for your work role, it makes sense that you’d be “taking a zero” in those areas…and your 4 week average should reflect a modest dip due to inactivity.

In fact, if you stayed in vacation too long, you would lose momentum in those areas altogether, reflected in a 4 week average going to zero.  That’s why we don’t have a ‘vacation mode’ for the app.  If you are using the app to track your performance drivers, your absence from your key actions needs to be evident in your score.

On the other hand, some people use the app purely to reflect how intentional they are being in all aspects of work and life, including vacation.

In that case, the key thing to do is to plan for your vacation.  If you need to recharge physically, plan to get more sleep.  Eat well.  Get some exercise.  Read.  Get stressful thoughts off your mind to make room for great new ideas.

These sound like “key actions” because they are.  If you want to really capture the effectiveness of your vacation, plan some key actions in advance and record whether or not you did them.  If you did, then you probably didn’t come back on Monday saying “Gee, I could use a vacation from my vacation.”

What do you do on vacation to recharge?  How does it affect your work (both positively and negatively)?

NOTE:  If you do this, just be sure at some point prior to the end of your vacation you go in and set up your work actions again before midnight Sunday.  That way, your dashboard will be ready to go when you get back into the office.