REACTIVITIS. 5 symptoms you may be infected.

There is an epidemic sweeping the world today.  It is called reactivitis /re-ACT-iv-EYE-tis/.  It’s prey…first, your goals.  Then, your job.  Finally, you.  Here are five symptoms you may be infected and suggestions for ridding your life of this scourge.


1. You have uttered the phrase “I don’t have time.”

2. You have spent more than 2 hours on email in a given day.

3. You haven’t read a book in months.

4. You have worked a full day without “getting anything done”.

5. You can’t list the 5 most important things you should do each week.

Reactivitis is a condition in which the vast majority of your time and resources are used to respond to requests, issues, and stimuli which you did not plan or expect.  You are reading and answering emails that do not pertain to your priorities.  You are putting off things that you should or would like to do sooner.  You are working excessive hours to solve problems which you have solved once before or that do not directly contribute to moving you closer to your goals.

Prognosis. Left untreated, you may experience exhaustion, frustration, and job dissatisfaction.  Eventually, you may lose purpose, work hard without accomplishing much, and eventually turn into actual illness, burn out, and depression.)

Treatment. The best medicine for treating this disease is intentionality, available in the generic form as proactivity.  If these are not available in your local pharmacy, try a combination of focus, consistency, and accountability.  Dosages vary, but the more entrenched the disease, the higher the level of focus, consistency, and accountability required.

For starters, find a tool that will help you track the consistent completion of these actions that matter most.  We’re biased, so we recommend IRUNURUN (visit, but whether you get help from IRUNURUN or elsewhere, just be sure to get help.

Treated aggressively, patients suffering from reactivitis will not only return to normal, they will actually get more done than most other people.  They will feel better, sleep better, stay in better shape, and accomplish more.  And, they will be more likely to accomplish their goals without working 80 hours/week.

Your life and your goals are at stake!  For information, check out our 4 part blog series: Getting Started.