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from resolutions to results: living the 7 habits

If you are tired of resolutions that don’t stick, consider focusing more on your habits than big flashy life-changes.  Effective habits yield powerful results over time, as long as you sustain them…that’s where IRUNURUN comes in. (more…)

Time management IS leadership.

I responded to a LinkedIn discussion today about how leaders should spend their time, and it really got me thinking about how much time management *is* leadership.  After all, isn’t leadership living out what you believe and care about?  Is there any more direct reflection of what you believe and care about than how you spend your time? (more…)

Getting STARTED…Step 1 of 4

Whether you are reading this because you would like to make a few resolutions stick this year or you are drawn to the idea of a record-breaking, goal-achieving kind of year, you may struggle with the hardest part of any of these objectives: getting started.