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automaticity: the x-factor in habit formation

Have you heard it takes 21 days for form a habit? Perhaps you’re the wiser, having read the details of psychologist Pippa Lally’s research at the University College of London that suggests habits take much longer, up to 254 days, or about 66 days on average. That’s as far as most people get. But to really understand habits, especially why some are so elusive, you must understand the x-factor…automaticity. (more…)

what if you worked here?

What would change if you worked here? A stadium.

Shed the typical world of work for a moment and re-imagining your job as play, professional play that requires a stadium. Highly inspired, infinitely more accountable. Here are a few reasons you should play in a stadium and five essential elements needed to make it happen. (more…)

the awesome mid-week performance huddle

Like it or not, all acts of man go astray with time. We can be fired up and focused on Monday, lost in the weeds by Wednesday. If our mission matters, we simply can’’t rely on a Monday staff meeting to carry us through the week. (more…)

Michael Hyatt selects irunurun!

Great news today!  IRUNURUN was featured among the top apps for goal achievement and habit development by productivity and leadership expert, Michael Hyatt.  Click here to read the full post on Michael’s site.

Notable praise:
* Simplest.
* Most intuitive.
* Only to use gamification.
* Only to use the method of trusted accountability partners he teaches.

Thank you, Michael!

putting rails under the train

“Do the tracks imprison the train or set it free?” It’s a great question. Generally speaking, you could say the answer is a matter of perspective. But if you are talking about work-life performance, the answer is actually quite unequivocal. (more…)

3 reasons you need to track activity

radar gun tracking pitching performance

We are all busy…crazy busy. So to add another app or another thing you need to do each day to an already crushing pile might seem like a step in the wrong direction. But, here’s why you need to do it. (more…)

what to do when you don’t want to

struggling to do what you need to do

Day one of the change initiative, the energy was almost palpable. You were chomping at the bit. “This time will be different,” you thought. But now it’s day 20. Everything in your being says it’s okay to skip a day. What will you do?


5 drivers of performance culture

Culture exists inside every organization.  But is it the one you want?  Does it reinforce focused consistent action? In our study of elite sports and military environments, as well as our work with best-places-to-work organizations, we have found several characteristics tangibly present…and all within reach. (more…)

lesson 4: four levels of accountability

If there is a painful truth about the workplace today, it is that people are overwhelmed.  Too much information.  Too much to do.  Too little time.  In this feature, we identify four types of accountability that help high performers keep first things first. (more…)

IRUNURUN featured on High Achiever Radio

I had a special privilege last week: being interviewed on High Achiever Radio by BevAnn Bonds.  Great discussion of IRUNURUN, it’s origin, and how to use it to achieve your potential in work and life.  Hope you get something from this!  LINK TO THE SHOW.