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5 tips for your action mix

Most new users are happy to come up with some good key actions. They develop them one-by-one. More advanced users, however, realize there is some interplay among the actions…like the ingredients in a great recipe. Here are some tips to coming up with a powerful action mix. (more…)

lesson 3: stress, recovery, and the taper

Stress in the workplace is a bad thing, right?  Well, not so fast.  Ask an elite athlete or soldier, and you may get some refreshing perspective that will help you elevate your game. (more…)

Getting the most from AUTO weighting

Perhaps the greatest source of IRUNURUN’s power is its simplicity. One of the tool’s most powerful features, however, is often overlooked…AUTO action weighting. Here are 4 tips to using AUTO weighting to drive behavior change. (more…)

Derailed? 4 tips to get back on track.

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and at some point along the journey just completely derailed? (Ok, if you answered no, please contact me. There is a world of opportunity awaiting you!) For everyone else, here are some thoughts for getting back on the right path. (more…)