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Why no calendar in a greatness app?

People have asked us, “Why doesn’t irunurun have a calendar so I can schedule my actions?” That’s a tricky question. (more…)

Time management IS leadership.

I responded to a LinkedIn discussion today about how leaders should spend their time, and it really got me thinking about how much time management *is* leadership.  After all, isn’t leadership living out what you believe and care about?  Is there any more direct reflection of what you believe and care about than how you spend your time? (more…)

Striking balance in the tempest

If you ask anyone today if they spend enough time working on the things that are truly important, you will invariably get the same reply…“Of course not”.  The real question isn’t so much “why?”…as in, “Why aren’t people being more purposeful with their time?”  The real question is “how?”  How do people strike a balance between the urgent and the important when there is so much that needs to be done? (more…)

REACTIVITIS. 5 symptoms you may be infected.

There is an epidemic sweeping the world today.  It is called reactivitis /re-ACT-iv-EYE-tis/.  It’s prey…first, your goals.  Then, your job.  Finally, you.  Here are five symptoms you may be infected and suggestions for ridding your life of this scourge. (more…)