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Tackling 1 of the 4 F’s: Fitness

Are you in great shape physically? Here is how IRUNURUN can help you sustain your fitness, and more importantly, why it may be more important than you think. (more…)

The Four F’s to Recovery.

Are you considering IRUNURUN and not sure what your actions should be? Try mixing in a few actions from the Four F’s and see if they don’t just bring a little spark back to your other, more serious actions. (more…)

Working [Out] Your Way to the Top.

Work is tough. Clients, competition, conflicts, change, constraints. While it might be tempting to sink more time and effort into your work in pursuit of success, would it surprise you that becoming a top tier professional in your field might start with getting into the best shape of your life? Peak physical performance brings several advantages that may help you achieve peak professional performance. (more…)

Stressing Out. Why you should try it.

With the frenzied pace of life and business, most organizations are leery of stress creeping into their work environments. They just may be missing the boat on this one. For one thing, some level of stress at work is unavoidable. For another, stress is a powerful and natural element of individual and organizational development. Don’t eliminate stress…harness it! (more…)

10min Fitness: It’s All About Time

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” -Douglas Adams

In virtually all surveys conducted asking people why they do not exercise as often as they should, the number one reason given is, time. In most cases it is really an issue of priority. Americans have proven they will spend more time and more money on a good maintenance program for their automobiles and their pets than they will for their most valuable asset − their body. (more…)

Getting STARTED…Step 2 of 4

Step 2: Translating Goals into Actions.

Congratulations!  If you have successfully developed a few meaningful goals, it’s time to get started achieving them.  The question now is “Get started doing what?”  To this point, the effort has been focused on developing smart goals.    Many people don’t make it this far, but among those who do, most still fail to achieve them.   (more…)