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5 elements of fighter pilot focus

If you are tethered to a computer or smart phone, you probably struggle to maintain focus on the things that matter.  Countless times per day, your attention gets pulled from what you are doing.  What if instead, you had fighter pilot focus? (more…)

putting rails under the train

“Do the tracks imprison the train or set it free?” It’s a great question. Generally speaking, you could say the answer is a matter of perspective. But if you are talking about work-life performance, the answer is actually quite unequivocal. (more…)

the greatness method

When it comes to personal growth, no game plan is complete without a hearty dose of goal-setting, right?  Or is there a better way to achieve your potential in work and life?  Welcome to the path less traveled. (more…)

When was your last “focus” day?

In my efforts to be responsive, I often load my calendar with as many client meetings, presentations, and speaking opportunities as possible.  Unfortunately, this leaves my schedule sliced-and-diced and my productivity flagging.  The concept of a “focus” day has helped me fight back. (more…)

Balancing Act: reactive vs. responsive

Even as a faithful power-user of IRUNURUN, I have struggled with striking a balance between being reactive and being responsive. I recently had a breakthrough. (more…)

Getting the most from AUTO weighting

Perhaps the greatest source of IRUNURUN’s power is its simplicity. One of the tool’s most powerful features, however, is often overlooked…AUTO action weighting. Here are 4 tips to using AUTO weighting to drive behavior change. (more…)

The devil is in the…distractions

It is often said that “the devil is in the details”, suggesting that execution is fraught with challenges once you actually get started. However, when you think about how many relatively simple things we fail to do consistently, are details really the problem? It seems the devil is also in the distractions. Here are a few tips for staying focused. (more…)

What is your Power Routine?

Meaningful change doesn’t just happen.  It requires focus, intention, and a commitment to daily investment of time and effort that move us closer to our desired state of being.  Whether you’re an athlete, musician, or professional, developing your Power Routine can put you on the path to success. (more…)