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Getting STARTED…Step 4 of 4

Step 4.  Sustaining the Change

People make and break commitments to themselves and others every day.  If you want to be the one whose commitments stick and whose behavioral changes are more than a flash in the pan, you must do some things differently.  Here are several ideas for sustaining the changes you seek.   (more…)

Getting STARTED…Step 3 of 4

Step 3.  Finding Help.

If you have defined a couple of meaningful goals and broken them down into a handful of key actions to complete each week, get started! If on the other hand, you are finding it difficult to get specific with your goals or the actions necessary to make them a reality, read on.   (more…)

Getting STARTED…Step 2 of 4

Step 2: Translating Goals into Actions.

Congratulations!  If you have successfully developed a few meaningful goals, it’s time to get started achieving them.  The question now is “Get started doing what?”  To this point, the effort has been focused on developing smart goals.    Many people don’t make it this far, but among those who do, most still fail to achieve them.   (more…)

Getting STARTED…Step 1 of 4

Whether you are reading this because you would like to make a few resolutions stick this year or you are drawn to the idea of a record-breaking, goal-achieving kind of year, you may struggle with the hardest part of any of these objectives: getting started.