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4 warnings about goal-setting

Everyone knows that the most successful people are goal-setters, right?  Not so fast.  Consider these warnings before setting your next round of goals. (more…)

IRUNURUN featured on High Achiever Radio

I had a special privilege last week: being interviewed on High Achiever Radio by BevAnn Bonds.  Great discussion of IRUNURUN, it’s origin, and how to use it to achieve your potential in work and life.  Hope you get something from this!  LINK TO THE SHOW.

GREATNESS: going beyond goals

Everyone has set goals. And, while we have nothing against goals, we’ve learned through our research of high performers that there exists something more inspiring and more worthy of our efforts. We call it GREATNESS. (more…)

A User’s Story: Jason Montoya

This guest post is by IRUNURUN user, Jason Montoya, CEO of Noodlehead Studios. If you would like to share your story, email us at support@  Run hard!

I asked Travis if I could write a blog about my experience with IRUNURUN.  My goal is to give you an understanding of why this tool has had so much impact in my life and my business.

I have only been using it for 9 months, but there has been more transformation in my world in the last 9 months than the first 6 years of business.  I have come to realize that IRUNURUN is not the plan to success.  It’s the part of the plan your working on right now.


Striking balance in the tempest

If you ask anyone today if they spend enough time working on the things that are truly important, you will invariably get the same reply…“Of course not”.  The real question isn’t so much “why?”…as in, “Why aren’t people being more purposeful with their time?”  The real question is “how?”  How do people strike a balance between the urgent and the important when there is so much that needs to be done? (more…)

Finding Success Through “Be Goals”

Most people are familiar with “do goals”. These are things that you’d like to do…increase annual sales 30%, run 26.2 miles, launch a great new product next year. These are great. However, the satisfaction and success from “do goals” can be fleeting. If you have experienced this for yourself, consider working in some “be goals”. (more…)

KEY ACTIONS…the links to your GOALS

After using irunurun for months and spending hundreds of hours with founder, Mark Newton, it’s quite possible I’ve begun to take his whole notion of ‘key actions’ a bit for granted.

Key actions link your behaviors to your goals.  They are the foundation of becoming intentional in life.  They are the difference between being busy and being effective, and they are often missing from most people’s to-do lists and calendars.  So just what IS a key action, again? (more…)