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oops, you did it again. understanding willpower, part 1.

messy dog lacks willpower

We routinely advise clients to rely more on purpose and accountability than willpower for self-control, but it is important that you fully understand this critical component of human behavior to avoid falling prey to its insidious effects. (more…)

the habit paradox

One minute we’re doing so well.  The next minute we’re in the ditch.  The same can be said of our habits, but why? Call it the habit paradox. (more…)

breaking my (diet) coke habit

Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew deep down probably wasn’t good for you, but you just couldn’t imagine living without? That’s how I felt about my dear friend, Diet Coke. Well, I said goodbye to my friend 1179 days ago (who’s counting). Here’s why and the one thing I did to quit. (more…)

the story of irunurun and 4 key lessons

Where did irunurun come from?  And, what have we learned since sharing it with the world?  Well, here’s the full story…along with 4 lessons in sustainable high performance.

1. Actions speak louder than goals.
2. We are what we repeatedly do.
3. People don’t know what to repeatedly do.
4. People are terrible at doing things repeatedly.

5 Factors.
1. Clarity
2. Rhythm
3. Accountability
4. Reinforcement
5. Leadership

Need help getting started with irunurun, check out this list of sample actions. Want to see how your team measures up in each of the 5 Factors?  Ask us about our new team performance assessment, called Performance 5.  Email us at info@

automaticity: the x-factor in habit formation

Have you heard it takes 21 days for form a habit? Perhaps you’re the wiser, having read the details of psychologist Pippa Lally’s research at the University College of London that suggests habits take much longer, up to 254 days, or about 66 days on average. That’s as far as most people get. But to really understand habits, especially why some are so elusive, you must understand the x-factor…automaticity. (more…)

Michael Hyatt selects irunurun!

Great news today!  IRUNURUN was featured among the top apps for goal achievement and habit development by productivity and leadership expert, Michael Hyatt.  Click here to read the full post on Michael’s site.

Notable praise:
* Simplest.
* Most intuitive.
* Only to use gamification.
* Only to use the method of trusted accountability partners he teaches.

Thank you, Michael!