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Vacation: Time-out or part of the game?

Have you ever returned from vacation in need of a vacation? Perhaps, it happens to everyone. So if you are using IRUNURUN to stay more intentional in work and life, how should you use it for vacations? (more…)

When was your last “focus” day?

In my efforts to be responsive, I often load my calendar with as many client meetings, presentations, and speaking opportunities as possible.  Unfortunately, this leaves my schedule sliced-and-diced and my productivity flagging.  The concept of a “focus” day has helped me fight back. (more…)

Balancing Act: reactive vs. responsive

Even as a faithful power-user of IRUNURUN, I have struggled with striking a balance between being reactive and being responsive. I recently had a breakthrough. (more…)

Putting Culture into Action

Corporate leadership teams are notorious for lofty mission and vision statements that are out of touch with day-to-day priorities and behaviors. So how do intentional leaders build authentic cultures that represent their values and sustain the test of time? Here are 4 observations. (more…)

Practicing SOLITUDE. Sometimes productivity starts with doing nothing.

This past Sunday, my pastor began his sermon with an extended pause, truly no more than 30-45 seconds of silence, but enough to create a healthy amount of tension in the room.  It was the beginning of a great lesson… (more…)