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how much water should you drink?

One powerful performance habit is drinking water. As we shared in our last post, there are a lot of reasons to drink water…from physical to mental to social. But how much is enough? (more…)

the story of irunurun and 4 key lessons

Where did irunurun come from?  And, what have we learned since sharing it with the world?  Well, here’s the full story…along with 4 lessons in sustainable high performance.

1. Actions speak louder than goals.
2. We are what we repeatedly do.
3. People don’t know what to repeatedly do.
4. People are terrible at doing things repeatedly.

5 Factors.
1. Clarity
2. Rhythm
3. Accountability
4. Reinforcement
5. Leadership

Need help getting started with irunurun, check out this list of sample actions. Want to see how your team measures up in each of the 5 Factors?  Ask us about our new team performance assessment, called Performance 5.  Email us at info@

the awesome mid-week performance huddle

Like it or not, all acts of man go astray with time. We can be fired up and focused on Monday, lost in the weeds by Wednesday. If our mission matters, we simply can’’t rely on a Monday staff meeting to carry us through the week. (more…)

the elephant in the room (for speakers)

If you are a professional speaker, you probably know the number one issue holding your business back.  It is the simple fact that people don’t do what you inspire them to do.  Inspiration is great, but it isn’t the currency of impact.  You need people to take action.

3 reasons you need to track activity

radar gun tracking pitching performance

We are all busy…crazy busy. So to add another app or another thing you need to do each day to an already crushing pile might seem like a step in the wrong direction. But, here’s why you need to do it. (more…)

preparation, an essential action

Do you know any consistent high producers?  What’s their edge?  The secret sauce that dazzles and enamors prospects and clients alike is less about schmooz and more about being prepared. (more…)

what to do when you don’t want to

struggling to do what you need to do

Day one of the change initiative, the energy was almost palpable. You were chomping at the bit. “This time will be different,” you thought. But now it’s day 20. Everything in your being says it’s okay to skip a day. What will you do?


welcome professional speakers!

We are thrilled to announce a new version of the IRUNURUN platform designed to help professional speakers activate their tribes.  It’s called, appropriately, “Tribe“. Tribe is being debuted at the National Speakers Association annual convention in Philadelphia July 27-30.

Listen as Dave Hubbard, America’s Fitness Coach, shares his experience using IRUNURUN with his tribe.

Learn more about how to use Tribe to make a bigger impact and drive greater revenue to your speaking business. (more…)

IRUNURUN featured on High Achiever Radio

I had a special privilege last week: being interviewed on High Achiever Radio by BevAnn Bonds.  Great discussion of IRUNURUN, it’s origin, and how to use it to achieve your potential in work and life.  Hope you get something from this!  LINK TO THE SHOW.

The joy of early

We’ve all experienced late. It’s that feeling of apprehension, regret, or anxiety that wrenches your stomach and nerves when you aren’t where you are supposed to be. Sitting in traffic, stuck in a meeting, waiting desperately for the rental car shuttle…it’s awful. Why not trade it in for the joy of early? (more…)