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the awesome mid-week performance huddle

Like it or not, all acts of man go astray with time. We can be fired up and focused on Monday, lost in the weeds by Wednesday. If our mission matters, we simply can’’t rely on a Monday staff meeting to carry us through the week. (more…)

digging wells vs. building fences

Today, I enjoyed a thought-provoking webinar on innovation and distinction hosted by Stephen Shapiro and Scott McKain. During the call, Scott related a story from a Tasmanian cattle farmer that surfaced a terrific key action for anyone working to build enduring customer relationships. (more…)

the elephant in the room (for speakers)

If you are a professional speaker, you probably know the number one issue holding your business back.  It is the simple fact that people don’t do what you inspire them to do.  Inspiration is great, but it isn’t the currency of impact.  You need people to take action.

5 tips for your action mix

Most new users are happy to come up with some good key actions. They develop them one-by-one. More advanced users, however, realize there is some interplay among the actions…like the ingredients in a great recipe. Here are some tips to coming up with a powerful action mix. (more…)

welcome professional speakers!

We are thrilled to announce a new version of the IRUNURUN platform designed to help professional speakers activate their tribes.  It’s called, appropriately, “Tribe“. Tribe is being debuted at the National Speakers Association annual convention in Philadelphia July 27-30.

Listen as Dave Hubbard, America’s Fitness Coach, shares his experience using IRUNURUN with his tribe.

Learn more about how to use Tribe to make a bigger impact and drive greater revenue to your speaking business. (more…)

the greatness method

When it comes to personal growth, no game plan is complete without a hearty dose of goal-setting, right?  Or is there a better way to achieve your potential in work and life?  Welcome to the path less traveled. (more…)

lesson 3: stress, recovery, and the taper

Stress in the workplace is a bad thing, right?  Well, not so fast.  Ask an elite athlete or soldier, and you may get some refreshing perspective that will help you elevate your game. (more…)

IRUNURUN featured on High Achiever Radio

I had a special privilege last week: being interviewed on High Achiever Radio by BevAnn Bonds.  Great discussion of IRUNURUN, it’s origin, and how to use it to achieve your potential in work and life.  Hope you get something from this!  LINK TO THE SHOW.

when the barista tells you to lay off the coffee

Sometimes advice comes from unexpected sources.  When that happens, it might be worth taking notice.  You may be in such a rut that you aren’t even aware of developing a nasty habit. (more…)

Vacation: Time-out or part of the game?

Have you ever returned from vacation in need of a vacation? Perhaps, it happens to everyone. So if you are using IRUNURUN to stay more intentional in work and life, how should you use it for vacations? (more…)