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Fundamentals: the building blocks.

If someone asked you to identify the five to seven most-important recurring actions, or key behaviors, critical to your success in work and life, would you know what they are? They may be more obvious than you think. (more…)

Stressing Out. Why you should try it.

With the frenzied pace of life and business, most organizations are leery of stress creeping into their work environments. They just may be missing the boat on this one. For one thing, some level of stress at work is unavoidable. For another, stress is a powerful and natural element of individual and organizational development. Don’t eliminate stress…harness it! (more…)

Time management IS leadership.

I responded to a LinkedIn discussion today about how leaders should spend their time, and it really got me thinking about how much time management *is* leadership.  After all, isn’t leadership living out what you believe and care about?  Is there any more direct reflection of what you believe and care about than how you spend your time? (more…)