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peak performance? beware.

Gymast grimaces during peak performance

Are you in pursuit of peak performance?  If so, we offer a word of caution.  Unless you’re a gymnast preparing for international competition or a golfer preparing for a major tournament, you may be on an unsustainable path to destruction.  Here’s why. (more…)

The power of finish lines

If you’ve ever run a race, particularly a long one, you know the energy surge you feel as you spot the finish line for the first time. The same thing can happen when you create a finish line in your day-to-day pursuits. (more…)

The Taper: The Power of Backing Off

Ask any endurance athlete about the need to periodically back off the duration of their workouts, particularly prior to a race, and the concept and necessity for tapering will almost certainly come up. Ask most business people how often they step away from their endless pursuit of growth and excellence, and you’re more likely to hear that it’s been years, if ever. (more…)

Working [Out] Your Way to the Top.

Work is tough. Clients, competition, conflicts, change, constraints. While it might be tempting to sink more time and effort into your work in pursuit of success, would it surprise you that becoming a top tier professional in your field might start with getting into the best shape of your life? Peak physical performance brings several advantages that may help you achieve peak professional performance. (more…)

4 Roles Vital to Peak Performance.

I recently spoke with a member of the 2012 US Olympic team about the secrets to his success. I was intrigued by the roles different people played in propelling him to qualifying for the Olympics. Reflecting further, I believe these four roles are vital to sustaining peak performance in any environment. (more…)

Marriage and the Workplace

Studies have shown that healthy marriages result in statistically significant benefits to both men and women, as well as their children. Logically, these benefits translate to the workplace.  So, the question becomes, “What can a company do to support healthy marriages?” (more…)