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peak performance? beware.

Gymast grimaces during peak performance

Are you in pursuit of peak performance?  If so, we offer a word of caution.  Unless you’re a gymnast preparing for international competition or a golfer preparing for a major tournament, you may be on an unsustainable path to destruction.  Here’s why. (more…)

what if you worked here?

What would change if you worked here? A stadium.

Shed the typical world of work for a moment and re-imagining your job as play, professional play that requires a stadium. Highly inspired, infinitely more accountable. Here are a few reasons you should play in a stadium and five essential elements needed to make it happen. (more…)

the awesome mid-week performance huddle

Like it or not, all acts of man go astray with time. We can be fired up and focused on Monday, lost in the weeds by Wednesday. If our mission matters, we simply can’’t rely on a Monday staff meeting to carry us through the week. (more…)

what to do when you don’t want to

struggling to do what you need to do

Day one of the change initiative, the energy was almost palpable. You were chomping at the bit. “This time will be different,” you thought. But now it’s day 20. Everything in your being says it’s okay to skip a day. What will you do?


5 tips for your action mix

Most new users are happy to come up with some good key actions. They develop them one-by-one. More advanced users, however, realize there is some interplay among the actions…like the ingredients in a great recipe. Here are some tips to coming up with a powerful action mix. (more…)