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getting creative with the worst time of day

As human beings, our energy level and ability to focus varies throughout the day according to a natural phenomenon called circadian rhythms. Conventional thinking suggests you get your best work done during the optimal period of your natural daily rhythm. But what do you do with the non-optimal time? Two pscyhology researchers in Michigan suggest getting creative. (more…)

5 elements of fighter pilot focus

If you are tethered to a computer or smart phone, you probably struggle to maintain focus on the things that matter.  Countless times per day, your attention gets pulled from what you are doing.  What if instead, you had fighter pilot focus? (more…)

Productive Vacations

One of the questions we have been asked numerous times… “Is there a vacation mode for IRUNURUN?”  The simple answer is “no”, but the motivation for this decision goes beyond keeping the app simple.  It gets at the heart of living life with intentionality. (more…)