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the first step to your change initiative

Have you found that your resolutions and efforts to improve keep fizzling out?  It could be because you didn’t do this one thing first. (more…)

why their why beats yours

As a leader and influencer, you know that a big ‘why’ matters. When the going gets tough, and it always does eventually, people are more likely to carry on and give their best if they have a big reason for doing so. But, have you ever struggled to sell your ‘why’? Have you wondered why some people just don’t get it? Here’s why. (more…)

the greatness method

When it comes to personal growth, no game plan is complete without a hearty dose of goal-setting, right?  Or is there a better way to achieve your potential in work and life?  Welcome to the path less traveled. (more…)

lesson 5: connecting everything to purpose

Want to sustain your focus and maintain discipline even in the face of challenging behavior changes?  We learned this lesson (and 4 others) from those who’ve done it best. (more…)

Dinner with purpose. Anyone for a little ‘High-Low’?

As a kid, there was a phrase I dreaded above most others when dinner was coming to an end. My mom would ask, “Anyone up for a little ‘High-Low’?”  It was a game we played to see who had to clear the table and who had to do the dishes.  Thankfully, I just learned of another dinner-time version of High-Low that might just enrich your life as a parent. (more…)