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Balancing Act: reactive vs. responsive

Even as a faithful power-user of IRUNURUN, I have struggled with striking a balance between being reactive and being responsive. I recently had a breakthrough. (more…)

A User’s Story: Jason Montoya

This guest post is by IRUNURUN user, Jason Montoya, CEO of Noodlehead Studios. If you would like to share your story, email us at support@  Run hard!

I asked Travis if I could write a blog about my experience with IRUNURUN.  My goal is to give you an understanding of why this tool has had so much impact in my life and my business.

I have only been using it for 9 months, but there has been more transformation in my world in the last 9 months than the first 6 years of business.  I have come to realize that IRUNURUN is not the plan to success.  It’s the part of the plan your working on right now.