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lesson 3: stress, recovery, and the taper

Stress in the workplace is a bad thing, right?  Well, not so fast.  Ask an elite athlete or soldier, and you may get some refreshing perspective that will help you elevate your game. (more…)

The power of finish lines

If you’ve ever run a race, particularly a long one, you know the energy surge you feel as you spot the finish line for the first time. The same thing can happen when you create a finish line in your day-to-day pursuits. (more…)

Tackling 1 of the 4 F’s: Fun

If you have the other F’s covered (family, faith, and fitness), your priorities are clearly in order.  Consider these reasons and suggestions for making a habit of doing something fun! (more…)

Working [Out] Your Way to the Top.

Work is tough. Clients, competition, conflicts, change, constraints. While it might be tempting to sink more time and effort into your work in pursuit of success, would it surprise you that becoming a top tier professional in your field might start with getting into the best shape of your life? Peak physical performance brings several advantages that may help you achieve peak professional performance. (more…)