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willpower in action: hacking your willpower, part 3

lacing up shoes

You gave up on being perfect and decided to just start a really simple routine. You stuck with it for a couple of months and low and behold, you’ve noticed that some other parts of work and life are falling in line. What’s going on? (more…)

willpower depletion: how willpower works, part 2

shopping exhaustion and willpower depletion

You forced yourself to attend the meeting, but then said something you regret.  The day just went downhill from there…you overate at lunch, spent too much on those shoes, skipped your workout, and finished the day with an extra glass of wine.  Hot mess or just a little willpower depletion? (more…)

oops, you did it again. understanding willpower, part 1.

messy dog lacks willpower

We routinely advise clients to rely more on purpose and accountability than willpower for self-control, but it is important that you fully understand this critical component of human behavior to avoid falling prey to its insidious effects. (more…)