Why no calendar in a greatness app?

People have asked us, “Why doesn’t irunurun have a calendar so I can schedule my actions?” That’s a tricky question.

On the one hand, the person who asks this question may have no idea what irunurun really is and may completely misunderstand what it’s for. On the other hand, the person may get it completely and have a keen understanding of why a good electronic calendar is crucial to effectiveness.

Let’s start with the former. If you are looking for a calendar so you can schedule a task like, call Tom regarding the web inquiry at 2pm on Tuesday…we may have failed to explain irunurun or the concept of ‘comparative action management’.

irunurun is not about scheduling tasks. That’s task management. Prioritizing everything you need to get done, and then working each item into your schedule. Crucial so as not to forget something, but really not what irunurun is about.

If you need a task management app, try TeuxDeux, Things, Outlook, or a good old hard copy planner. You may never forget a to-do item again!

Now consider the latter. If you really get the key to effectiveness and growth is the consistent execution of important, but not urgent activities, what Stephen Covey calls “Quadrant 2”, then you may understand that you will have to block time to make sure they get done.

The paradigm shift is that the calendar is not about what time something is going to get done, it is about making sure sufficient time is blocked each week so the time exists to get these important things done. It is about managing *yourself*.

With irunurun, most users’ key actions do not take all week. To the contrary, they may take only 30% of their available hours. The problem is that going through the week in reactive mode may result in as little as 1-2 hours being spent proactively working on the things that matter most.

If an electronic calendar could help you expand that 1-2 hours into 8-10 hours, you can expect your effectiveness to increase dramatically. So if this is so important, why don’t we have an online calendar in irunurun? Simple, most people already have one.

Building more functionality into our app doesn’t really accomplish any more than opening your existing calendar and blocking time for your key actions.


PS: Thanks to the guys at 37Signals and their book Rework for reminding us to keep it simple…focus on the core…and keep out ALL non-critical features.  Think we are missing a critical feature?  Please let us know!  support@