work-life performance (not balance)

work-life performance stance

Say ‘work-life balance’ and let’s be honest, people don’t expect you to talk about work at all. They expect you to talk about reducing stress…principally by working less. But what about ‘work-life performance’? Ironically, it’s a much more balanced conversation.

There is a good reason work-life balance has been a hot topic of the past 25 years, the nature of work has changed a lot over this period of time.

We all know the drill…new technology has blurred the lines between work and home, globalization has increased competition, more people are working 50+ hour weeks, etc. …leading to more stress and poorer health.

So, if work is stressful and chronic stress is killing us, you might just think the answer is to stop working altogether! Let’s start over.

Work is not bad.

As long as we’ve been on the earth, we’ve worked. Sure, without meaning it can be all sweat and toil. But aligned with purpose, work is a gift. It matters. It creates opportunities, allows us to grow and develop new competencies, serve others, and provide for our families. We should do it, and we should do it well.

So how do we do work well? How do we have maximum impact and get the most from the experience? How do we live so we can contribute the most to our work and work so we can contribute the most to our lives?

Now we’re talking greatness.

Now we’re talking about work-life performance.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be exploring work-life performance, why it matters, what types of habits and rituals people are using to achieve it, and how irunurun can help you.

We will also be featuring interviews with incredible people who have achieved extraordinary levels of work-life performance and share lessons from their journeys. I hope you’ll join us!

For now, what has been your experience with work-life balance? How has that discussion gone in the workplace? Do you hear people talking about greatness in those conversations or just ‘working less’?